Odboj na Jičínsku

Resistance Movements in the Region of Jičín, Czech Republic



This website is dedicated to the 1st (1914–1918), 2nd (1938–1945) and 3rd (1948–1989) resistance movements in the region of Jičín, Eastern Bohemia. It is maintained by a local initiative.

This website offers so far the most complete list of agency of Czech StB (Statni bezpecnost, communist State Police) in one particular region, the district of Jicin (approx. 100 km NE of Prague). It is also the only website in the country which provides a very deep insight into the organisation of StB agency in one region.

The complete Czech list of collaborators (agents) of StB was published for the first time in 1991–1993 by Petr Cibulka and its search engine is available at www.cibulka.com. The official publication followed ten years later, in spring 2003, when the Ministry of Interior quite unwillingly obeyed the Act which ordered the official publication.

The new Archive Act (2004) provides basically full access to all StB files including the non-agency materials. Despite that, the behaviour of the authorities linked to the MoI Archive still indicates their efforts to prevent the public from recognising the historical facts in full extent.

If you wish to see the official Czech list of StB files of "agents" and "objects", go to the Ministry of Interior: http://www.mvcr.cz/2003/evidence/stb_rady.html, or directly to the official Excel file (13.5 MB): http://web.mvcr.cz/rs_atlantic/ftp/stb/seznam.zip.

If you wish to see the names which should have been officially published but the official list somehow misses them for unknown reasons (! Czech humour !, we actually know the omissions are due to an incompetent management of a computer database at the MoI), we can offer you our own complementary list of records to be amended to the official list: http://odboj.jicinsko.cz/cr/doplnek.htm (sorry, Czech only). This complementary list (and Cibulka, see above) also includes foreigners.

We will gladly answer any questions you might have at odboj{ampersand}jicinsko{dot}cz. We apologise for not having displayed the English introduction earlier; we were not aware of the fact that this website, so far only available in the Czech language, could be linked from abroad.

The Polish Wildstein List can be found here (TXT->ZIP) and Macierewicz list is here (XLS->WinRAR).